Are you a Christian Woman Professional or a Christian Business Woman? Have you gone through or are you going through a break-up or divorce? Have you been cheated on? Or have you been emotionally or physically abused? Are you in pain? Are you feeling depressed, doubtful, unsure about the future? Are you feeling judged about the very people that should support you? Would you like to move forward, empowered to find your peace and joy, and to live your best life yet??

What you need a process that works and support from people who know where you are because they have been there too. When I went into my pit it took me some time until I discovered an eight-step process for overcoming challenges, which I then coached myself through, to get to the place of peace, joy and abundant hope that I now enjoy. it is my privilege and pleasure to my process with you and for free.

My name is Ijeoma and I am a Chartered Accountant, Management Consultant, Enterprise Risk Manager, Certified Goal Success Life Coach, Certified Business Mentor, Certified Leader, Certified NLP Practitioner, multiple Company Director, Author, and a sought after Motivational Speaker. I am a survivor of domestic abuse, I have been chomped, and I am divorced. I am also a loving daughter, sister, aunt, and a chosen mother of a chosen child. 

In this short and easy to use worksheet that follows you will discover the steps that will help you get to the place that you want to be, a place of peace joy and abundant hope. 

Ijeoma Rita Obu